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The Strawberry Cinematic Package

Here at Strawberry Weddings, we pride ourselves on acquiring the most current technology, techniques and talent – and as we kick off a brand new year we’ve decided to take that next big step and are very proud to introduce the all-new Strawberry Cinematic Package!  What is this premium package, you ask?

Our new cinematic package really is unique and we feel this level of commitment and quality to filmmaking would be hard to find anywhere else.  We’ve worked on developing this package for months, jotting down notes over many a delicious meal at the various weddings we’ve been to at venues all over Scotland. Now that we have all the equipment we need to make the cinematic package a reality, we can’t wait to get started!


Your Story, Your day

As a group of filmmakers there to document your wedding day, we often only spend that one day with you in order to capture all the moments and memories you’ll cherish for years to come. But what if we could expand on that moment in time?  What if we could go back a little earlier and tell your story? With the Strawberry Cinematic Package, we meet with you a few weeks before your wedding for a couple of hours to document your story, find out how you met, what it is you love about your significant other, and maybe even uncover some fun facts that we can then use in the production of your wedding day!  This opportunity gives us a chance to tell your story and create a lovely little film about the two of you in addition to the films we create about your big day.

 4K Production Pipeline

For the first time ever, Strawberry Weddings will film, edit and master your wedding in true 4K quality. What is 4K, you ask?  Fair question – simply put it’s FOUR TIMES the resolution of standard 1080p you have displayed on your TV at home. But wait, you say, I don’t have a 4K television! What good will that do me?! Don’t worry, for now, we will deliver you your films in both 4K and 1080p formats as digital files on USB (or Blu-ray upon request!) so your memories are future proof!  In our hands-on testing and experience, a 1080p film created from a 4K source looks absolutely stunning, but when the day comes that 4K becomes more ubiquitous in the consumer marketplace, you’ll be ready with that 4K file of your wedding!

Anamorphic Cameras

What are anamorphic lenses?  I’m not going to get into all the technical specs of the differences between anamorphic and standard spherical lenses – we use high-quality spherical lenses in all of our weddings – but what I can tell you is that the anamorphic lens has that more ‘cinematic’ feel to the way it captures moving images.  Basically, you see MORE of the horizontal aspect of the picture, capturing more of everything from the gorgeous Scottish landscapes to the LONG line of people waiting to congratulate you on your nuptials.

Same-Day Edit

Exclusive to our Strawberry Cinematic Package, our same-day-edit film is a fantastically unique way to wow your family and friends. So what exactly is it? Basically it’s a cinematic mini-documentary that tells the story of your wedding day, filmed and edited and then screened ON the wedding day, typically after dinner and before your first dance. It is a 3-5 minute fully-produced film that features highlights from all the intimate moments of your event. So how do we accomplish feat of cinematic delight? No, we haven’t invented a time machine (yet), it’s simply a matter of our editor being on-site at your wedding and taking a few hours to expertly put together a film that tells the story of your day from your perspective. This includes your pre-wedding story, your pre-ceremony prep and even the highlights of your ceremony itself. With a fully mobile, fully kitted-out edit suite, our talented team work in unison to produce a high quality film to screen for your guests – this is something you truly have to see to believe.

Steady-Cam and Drone

Let’s be honest here, these are some fun toys for us as filmmakers, but that’s not why we acquired them, we swear! Included in your Strawberry Cinematic Package, these tools are perfect for creating that authentically cinematic look of your big day! From the smooth, sweeping ground-level movements of our steady-cam to our drone soaring hundreds of feet in the air over some of Scotland’s most beautiful manor-homes, the quality of footage we are able to create from utilizing these toys are astonishing. Now imagine that footage in 4K – just incredible. We’ve very excited to offer these as part of our cinematic package!

Your very own director

For the first time at Strawberry Weddings, and exclusive to our cinematic package, you’ll be assigned a director to oversee your film from start to finish. They’ll be there before, during and after your big day to make sure your film is shot the way we’ve planned it. They’ll send you some fun (and some serious!) questions for you to answer about your lives so that we can discover and document your unique story. We’ll use this as a starting point that will then help shape the direction and feel for your film.


Welcome to the very first post of our Strawberry Blog!


Our sweet new office space overlooking the Firth of Fourth in Fife.  Fantastic!


When we decided to journey into the blogosphere here at Strawberry, we considered a number of different approaches to how we wanted this whole blog-writing thing to play out. Do we offer you, our valued clients (or potential client!) posts about the Top Ten Gowns for 2017?  Perhaps we should author an illuminating exploration of the delicate balance between red or green flowers at the head table for your Christmas nuptials?  Both important choices of course, but we realized you can find insight on that elsewhere on this world-wide-web of ours. (Spoiler alert: the answer is a mixture of both colours!)

We also had no intention of sourcing the writing out to a blog-writing farm that churns out articles en-masse, presenting you with a piece of prose often plagiarized and definitely not indicative of what we’re all about. In fact, to that point, this and every blog post on here will be written by a member of our Strawberry team, grammatical errors and spelling mistakes a strong possibility. (Come on, we’re filmmakers, not Hemmingway!)

So then as we were sitting down at our proverbial typewriter we simply asked ourselves – why are you here? What do you want out of this blog?

And the answer was clear – you’re here because you want to know more about us! Who are we? Who are these people that film your wedding and make some cool short films about one of the biggest days of your life? As our favorite discount airline always says: ‘we know that you have options’ when it comes to hiring a wedding videographer, so what makes Strawberry Wedding Films the best choice for your day?

If there was one simple answer, it would come down to one thing. We’re HILARIOUS.  Seriously, we have a great sense of humour, and that’s not us saying that, or the opinion of well-meaning family members, but we’ve been told by some very honest and impartial people that we trust fully that we can crack a great joke. Mostly clean jokes as well!

Sure, we invest in the best cameras and audio equipment, and have a tight-knit core team of videographers, editors, & graphic designers from around the world. But anybody can just go out and buy good gear; here at Strawberry it’s more than that, because we don’t consider this just a job, it’s our lives. We enjoy making movies, we take pleasure in telling stories and we appreciate your enjoyment of our work. We feel like we’re good at what we do not because of years of experience, but because we have fun doing it. All of us here share the same philosophy, that you have to love what you do, and have a good laugh while you’re out there doing it.

So, put simply, this blog is about us and the weddings we shoot. It’s about the couples we meet, the places we get to visit, and the stories we are able to tell. There will be behind-the-scenes pics of gorgeous venues, tasty food, our hilarious team, and probably lots of rolling hills dotted with sheep. (Scotland really is a beautiful place to film!) So we hope you enjoy following us on our journey at the start of yours – because we may be with you on just your wedding day, but we take pride in crafting a story of that day that you will always cherish.


One of the youngest members of our team brushing up on his keyboard shortcuts for Adobe Premiere Pro. We’re all about self-improvement here at Strawberry!