Filming our Strawberry Cinematic Package

Sept 2, 2017

Kelburn Castle, Largs

The Wedding of Anna & Dan 

It’s been a while since our last blog post and that’s due to one simple reason – it’s been WEDDING SEASON! 2017 has been our biggest and best year yet at Strawberry Wedding Films, as our teams have travelled all across Scotland filming your big day, from down at the borders all the way up to Dingwall and everywhere in between. Which is why it was great to get nearly the whole team together for our big Strawberry Cinematic shoot at Kelburn Castle.

You don’t often see colourful castles like this in Scotland!

Or any colour at all in the sky – double win today!


Set along the gorgeous west coast of Scotland, this fantastic venue allowed our team of no less than SEVEN of us free roam of the colourful castle during bride and groom prep.  Our couple for the day, Anna and Dan, were the perfect example of an amazing couple to work with, and we arrived early armed with all our gear, set out to document what was going to be an incredible day. Here’s a look at our setup for the outdoor ceremony: from right to left WAY in the background we have our two crane operators, our same-day editor, our 2nd videographer, then next to the bride we have the camera of our primary videographer (where’d he go?!) and of course not pictured are our drone crew, probably piloting the thing from beneath a tree so as not to get in the shot!

If you look closely you can see our same-day editor in the back trying to look casual and cool. 

Get back to the edit!


As you probably know, for our Strawberry Cinematic package, we also do a same-day edit, which means we have one of our editors on-site taking what’s being filmed and arranging it all into a lovely little film of the day that we show to all your guests sometime during the evening up on a big screen.  Here’s our editor hard at work, looking very focused while ignoring that tasty banana next to him:

The most important part of the day after the nuptials?  Proper file management!


As mentioned we had no less than SEVEN crew members for our cinematic package out during this day – and you may be wondering – what do they all do?  Why so many?  Are they in the way? Well rest assured, all of our crew abide by our strict ‘stay out of the way’ policy! ­So fear not, in spite of the numbers we were all there to do a job and do it well, so with two main cameras, a full size crane and a drone, we had all the angles covered.

Anna and Dan being followed by our drone. Robots haven’t taken over our jobs yet, but this drone is leading the charge! (Just kidding, this drone likes to goof around)


When you work with a great team you get great results, it’s just that simple, so right at 9pm that evening we showed our same-day film, to tears and applause, which is exactly why we do what we do. Often here at Strawberry Wedding Films we don’t get to see your reaction when you see your final films for the first time, but are so grateful and fortunate to be able to see not just your reaction in person, but the smiles of all of your guests as well, and after a 12-hour day putting it all together, it’s one of the most satisfying feelings for all of us.  Speaking of us, here we are! (minus our done operators that don’t seem to be in any shots!)

Please excuse the guy ‘dabbing’ – he’s new.


Our Strawberry Cinematic package is something we truly enjoy because it brings all of our best people together to make something truly unique and amazing that your guests (and you!) have never seen before. Here’s the film we created on the day for Anna & Dan, check it out!