Wedding Report – Lisa & Richard

April 16, 2016

The Wedding of Lisa & Richard

The Cruin – Loch Lomond

It was a crisp and windy day on the bonnie bonnie banks of Loch Lomond, the choppy waters a stark contrast to the peaceful surroundings of mountains and thick white clouds. It wasn’t difficult to see why many a bride and groom choose to join in the bonds of matrimony in a place like this – one of many fantastic locales throughout Scotland – and we were lucky enough to be invited by Lisa & Richard to film the occasion.


’O ye’ll tak’ the high road, and I’ll tak’ the low road’

Upon our arrival to the venue, The Cruin, we stopped for a moment down by the water side to take in the fresh, crisp morning air. After deciding it was a bit too nippy for that, we quickly surveyed the scene and headed inside the venue to enjoy a quick spot of tea, at which point we were ready to lay out our gear and get the day started. Here’s just a glimpse of some of our kit from this particular day.


Three cameras (video), full audio kit, various lenses, tripods, sliders and countless memory cards. Not pictured: us smiling widely!

As a venue specifically designed to cater to weddings and other special events, The Cruin was well equipped to handle the approximately 80 attendees for both ceremony and reception in multiple spaces located in the one building, which for is very convenient for both guests and ourselves with all that gear! After setting up everything we needed for the ceremony, it was show time as the very lovely bride made her debut.


You can see James here (in the grey shirt) out of the way of the action yet capturing every moment!

One of the pleasures of shooting in such a beautiful setting is the immeasurable value it adds to the look of the short films we create. Lisa and Richard chose a venue that allowed for the scenery to work perfectly as the backdrop for their ceremony; a natural matte painting of sorts that always delivers dramatic results!  Take a look at what we mean:



Lisa & Richard balancing very carefully on the pier!

Something you may not know about videographers, photographers and other vendors that attend your wedding – we’re often offered the same food as the rest of the guests, and we’ve had the pleasure of enjoying some of the best cuisine Scotland has to offer – and let me tell you that The Cruin was no exception. We enjoyed a delicious three-course meal of a Salmon starter, followed by Haggis-stuffed chicken and of course the requisite cheesecake selection that delighted the palate and refueled us for the night ahead. Check it out, here’s a picture of just the starter!



It’s like one of those Instagram pictures of food! Except it’s for this blog, so it’s not TOO hipster.

Full from a delicious meal, we made our way to the dance floor to capture all of the important moments – from cake-cutting to the first dance to even the father-of-the-bride breaking out a guitar and rocking the night away with his band, much to the delight of the party-loving wedding guests.



Slash from Guns n’ Roses, Brian May from Queen, & Lisa’s Dad: all cut from the same cloth.

At Strawberry, we attend many weddings throughout the year, but what you may not realize is that each one truly is different to both our couples and with how we approach the project creatively. We pride ourselves in documenting every special moment and presenting them to you a final video that we are proud of creating, one that we hope will allow you re-experience your special day for many more days to come with the same joy that you felt when you were standing together at the altar about to say ‘I do’.

Congrats to Lisa & Richard!